Monday, July 31, 2006

Morning Wood: Josh Hopkins

I first developed a crush on Josh Hopkins when he played Amanda "Jack" Peet's news anchor love interest (Matt Prophet) on the greatest show of all time, "Jack and Jill," a few years ago (remember Alisa?) . He's since appeared in the film "The Perfect Storm" and is currently on the Rebecca Romin-Stamos show "Pepper Dennis Can't Lose," playing what appears to be the exact same news anchor character all over again. These pictures don't really capture his sex appeal, but trust me, he's one handsome man.


Anonymous said...

Kenneth you have great taste in men!

Anonymous said...

how could i forget? sunday nights have never been the same. i watched him this time around too on patty dingle, i mean pepper dennis. you know how i love those quickly-cancelled newsroom shows.