Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Brandon Routh: Spirit of '78

Unless you've been sleeping under a rock then you know that "Superman Returns" flies into theaters today, giving Amy Sedaris and Stephen Colbert's "Strangers With Candy" a real run for its money at the box office.

What I didn't know was hunky new Man of Steel Brandon Routh was immortalized yesterday at Madame Tussaud’s House of Wax here in New York -- which happens to be around the corner from where I work (thanks for the call, Clark Kent).

I'm sure we're going to be learning everything and more about the new super guy in the coming weeks and years, but I already know that this guy evokes Christopher Reeve so strongly that I almost feel like a little kid in '78 swooning over my first man in tights. I've read that Dana Reeve sent Brandon a letter noting the unbelievable similarities shortly before her death, and you can't help but think that she and Christopher are watching the excitement for this character build all over from a big multiplex in the sky.

Queerty has a bunch more pictures over here.


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