Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Built for Speed

I broke down and bought a kickass new computer on Saturday. The big winner in the whole thing would have to be my neighbors: they won't have to listen to me screaming at the top of my lungs at my old Compaq laptop, which had long overstayed its welcome. I thought about waiting for the new Microsoft operating system, but then I read that Vista has been delayed again, so I decided to forge ahead. I wound up getting a Gateway notebook with these snazzy features:

  • Intel Core Duo T2300 processor
  • 100GB hard drive
  • 1G memory
  • 15.4" Ultrabright TFT WXGA display
  • Double-layer DVD+/-R/RW drive

    I also bought an 80G external hard drive that I used to copy everything off the Compaq, so I now have everything "backed up" as I should have all along.

    I spent way more than I'd planned to, but I'm hoping this new setup will last me awhile. This computer hauls ass and is the nicest one I've ever worked on.
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    Anonymous said...

    I got a hard-on just thinking about how great that computer must be!!