Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Woody's New Game

If you're a regular moviegoer, you've probably experienced this bizarre moment, too: you're waiting for your movie to come on. The lights dim. An intriguing, suspense-filled trailer comes on the screen. A gorgeous London is the setting. The evocative music plays. Sexy Scarlett Johansson and hottie Irishman Jonathan Rhys-Meyers appear; the music gets louder as the shocking tidbits of the plot twists flash on the screen: lust, passion, adultery, betrayal, obsession, murder all unfold before your eyes.

Then the screen goes black and the words "Match Point," "A film by Woody Allen" appear on the screen. It almost more shocking than the scenes themselves. You literally have to check with your neighbor to see if your eyes deceived you. It looks that good -- and so not Woody.

"Annie Hall," "Manhattan," "Play It Again, Sam," and "Hannah and Her Sisters" are easily four of my all-time favorite films. But it's been way too long since Woody made something worth seeing. However "Match Point" turns out, it's nice to see some genuine excitement building around one of Woody's films -- and despite the countless disappointments in recent years. I'll be there opening weekend.

Read: The Ball's In Woody's Court (USA Today)

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