Wednesday, December 21, 2005

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  • Justice Hijacked: Germany Frees Hijacker Who Killed U.S. Sailor / Germans, the ultimate defenders of justice, decide to free the one man in prison for this heinous crime. Absolutely disgusting. (NY Times)

  • Air Scare?: Jet With Problem Lands Safely in Boston / A similar incident involving a JetBlue plane made national news recently when it made an emergency landing in Los Angeles. Turns out, according to my pilot friend Ken, these types of landings happen about a dozen times a day and aren't particularly dangerous. He says the prevalence of news choppers near LAX is the only reason we ever heard about this; now it seems to be a news favorite. (AFX)

  • Good Riddance: Executed Calif. killer Stanley "Tookie" Williams hailed at funeral / I sincerely hope this is the last time I have to write about this worthless piece of shit. What I want to know is who is hailing this monster's four victims -- the four we know of? May Albert Owens, 26; Yen-I Yang, 76; Tsai-Shai Yang, 63; and Yee-Chen Lin, 43, rest in peace, and may their families find some small comfort in knowing that justice was finally served. (Reuters)

  • 'Intelligent' Idea: A Town in the Spotlight Wants Out of It / Here's an easy way out: stop being such fucking morons and quit trying to subvert the U.S. Constitution. (NY Times) (See also: Judge Rules Against Pa. Biology Curriculum )

  • Oscar Tarnished: Jamie Foxx to release new album / Four words for you, Mr. Tookie Lover: Party all the time. (NY Daily News)
  • Lurking in the Bush: FBI Papers Show Terror Inquiries Into PETA; Other Groups Tracked / Good night, and good luck on this one. (Washington Post)

  • Smokin' Hot: Smoking tied to more severe psoriasis cases: study / Nothing screams sexy louder than a chainsmoker with a chronic skin disease characterized by scaly, reddish patches. Ooh, baby. (Reuters)

  • Mixed Messages: Chocolate may cut heart disease / Yeah, especially if you eat it constantly and become morbidly obsese. (BBC News)

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