Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Remains of the Day (06/11)

Swimmersgirl: Turns out her name wasn't Rio -- it was Marcie!

NYT: A graphic on the Peacock home screen seemed to induct Chucky into the gay pantheon. His creator, however, says the killer doll's LGBT credentials are well established.

Omisosii: Where the (tall) boys are

HuffPost: Laura Hall's dad was gay but was married to her mom for 64 years. As Mom died, Laura  overheard something she can't forget.

WaPo: And speaking of people who grew up with gay dads: Griffin Dunne's new memoir sounds like a fun read

THR: I thoroughly enjoyed "Queenie," a small-screen adaptation of Candice Carty-Williams's novel of the same name now streaming on Hulu. Dionne Brown gives a nuanced, introspective performance as the titular 20something coming-of-age character dealing with abandonment issues. (Her Jamaican immigrant family is also adorable!) When it was through, though, my brows raised when I reflected on the peculiarly binary heroes and villains depicted. (Anyone else notice?)

MetroWeekly: Narrated by Andrew Rannells, Peacock's "Queer Planet" serves up a saucy global search for homosexuality in the wild

Out: Matt Bomer says he lost "Superman" movie role after being outed as a gay man

TMF: Gay filmmaker Yen Tan on spreading compassion with “All That We Love,” which stars Margaret Cho and Jesse Tyler Ferguson

The Advocate: CNN analyst celebrates Pride after leaving arranged marriage

Gothamist: West Village subway stop to be renamed for Stonewall National Monument

Brian Ferrari's Blog: Truman Capote in Mandate

L.A. Daily News: Anti-gay "No U-turn" signs come down in Los Angele's gay-friendly Silver Lake

Vows: After 32 years of platonic friendship, Sheri Cole and Beth Moore decided to marry for the security and legal protection.

The Hill: Jon Stewart misses the mark on corporate support of Pride, which is a net gain no matter what your quibbles are 

Hot Cat of the Day:Tippy requires your lap, thank you very much.

There will be a memorial in NYC on Thursday for activist Kathy Ottersten, known as the trans hero of the "St. Patrick’s Six." Details, including a livestream, HERE.


Randy Slovacek said...

The Laura Hall piece was beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Jaradon said...

Matt Bomer would have been a perfect choice for Superman but he is doing great now with his performance in Fellow Travelers