Monday, June 10, 2024

Remains of the Day (06/10)

Deadline: Mike Chapman (Blondie, the Knack, Suzy Quatro) documentary to be exec produced by Debbie Harry and Chris Stein

NYT: Cyndi Lauper -- getting ready to embark on a so-called farewell tour -- says she wishes she and media-created enemy Madonna had been friends back in the '80s, yet seemed to take an unnecessary jab at her should-have-been pal in a thin new documentary implying Lauper's record label wished she could have "played it more safe" like Madonna had -- because "Hat Full of Stars" (et al.) was so much more edgy than “Erotica” (the "Sex" book, burning crosses and so on)! #penultimate

Brian Ferrari's Blog: How Kurt Bieber went from "Little Me" to Colt model

The Randy Report: Pro wrestler Bulk Bronson on coming out: “I feel like the luckiest guy in the world”

Boy Culture Substack: Photographer Lon of New York and the rebirth of beefcake 

HIPPA Journal: Doctor who blew whistle on Texas hospital providing gender-affirming care to kids charged with HIPAA violation by Justice Department

Manspread Monday: Two spread men you won't soon forget

Metrosource: The hilarious Marsha Warfield is holding court 

Queerty: Former slugger Gabe Kapler, who has been driving me wild for years, is now a TikTok tease

Shane O'Neill: He's gone from writing about armpit parties for The New York Times to butthole Botox for the Washington Post

Gothamist: Eyebrow cuts, asymmetrical micro bangs, a back fade with a hard pointy line, and a permed mullet: “I need you to make me look as unf**kable as possible, please." (Finally figured it out: Queer and/or nonbinary = bad hair.) 

GCN: "Dads and Daddies" plumbs the glories and glitches of daddyhood

Variety: Debbie Harry is a superstitious aunt in trailer for Tribeca short film "Catharsis"

Los Angeles Magazine: The City of Angels' first gay pride parade trailed New York’s by hours

New Times: Retro rewind: Looking back at the most iconic video stores in Phoenix

Greg in Hollywood: Before he became star of “Hit Man” and “Top Gun: Maverick,” hunky Glen Powell was on “Scream Queens”

WaPo: A transgender man was in mental distress. Police wound up killing him.

Business Insider: Man who tried to set up Pakistan's first gay club was put in a mental hospital. See also: #queersforpalestine

AP: Several Pa. House Republicans boo officers who defended Capitol on Jan. 6 (ICYMI)

PinkNews: Nancy Pelosi lost friends over support of gay people during the AIDS crisis

WaPo: After Jan. 6, Twitter banned 70,000 right-wing accounts. Lies plummeted. (Go figure.) 

Hot Cat of the Day: The beauty of adoption 

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