Friday, May 10, 2024

Remains of the Day (05/10)

CBS News: The "accidental" police killing of Senior Airman Roger Fortson highlights two of the worst things about this country: A. People owning guns for "protection" usually are the ones who end up dead and B. What's good for white men doesn't seem to apply to black men, even if it's something I don't agree with for anybody.

Deadline: "Red, White & Royal Blue” is getting a sequel -- now let's just pray they recast the hunky leads with "queer" actors (lol)


Jaradon said...

The young bankers death is tragic...I was not crazy about Red White and Royal blue- the leads are handsome but lacked chemistry and the woke aspects of the script made the whole thing unrealistic- I prefer Nicholas Galizent in Mary and George which is more interesting

VRCooper said...

The young banker---How does one really work a 100-hour work week?

Red White and Royale Blue was just fun. Not too realistic. My question at the end of the movie, and any possible sequel, is how does that relationship work? Hell, gay boys have issues with dating someone in a different town, or state let alone across the pond. Each young man has their plates full of duties from being who they are. It's just a fun escapism movie.