Monday, January 22, 2024

Remains of the Day (01/22)

Clothing Optional: How do you sleep?

Ball BoysI'm a Laver not a fighter (podcast)

Hot Cat of the Day: Add "Klute" to my list of films that I should have seen ages ago but finally watched! Jane Fonda was magnificent, of course, with Damian pointing out that "people don't speak like that anymore." (Sadly, how right he is.) Bonus points for the cat not getting harmed, which far too many films and television shows make light of. 

We also watched Bette Davis's legendary "Now, Voyager" (makeover heaven!) -- as well as four decent gay films: "Like You Mean It" (Bergman meets Boystown), "My Fake Boyfriend" (sexy and farcical), "The Pass" (Russell Tovey is hot as a closeted footballer, even if the sum of the parts is greater than the whole) and "Goodbye Seventies" (carefree turns deadly serious ), which was written and directed by Todd Verow whose latest, "You Can't Stay Here," is making its way across the country now! 

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Jaradon said...

Robbie Rogers and everyone involved with "Fellow Travelers" deserved all awards they can get.

Rogers is hanging out with star Matt Bomer in Paris Fashion week.

Pierce said...

I think Now, Voyager is Bette Davis' best performance, but when I was teaching acting I told students that the best acting lesson you can get is to watch her in Jezebel, Dark Victory, Now Voyager and Mr. Skeffington because it shows her amazing versatility.

Jaradon said...

"Now Voyager" is a such a gay coded film- Davis was at her peak in it- and that glorious music and unforgettable ending