Friday, March 03, 2023

Sightings and the City

This sure takes me back to the old days of seeing "Sex and the City" being filmed around town: I know a lot of people hated Che on the HBO sequel "And Just Like That ...," but today I see confirmation that they're back. I had no issues with Sara Ramirez's character, which ironically might make me Jeffree Star 2.0 /"nonbinaryphobic" for not being offended by what the writers came up with. (Try to parse that many negatives!)

For my money, the bigger red flag is the (alleged) return of John Corbett's Aidan Shaw, who was by far the worst match for Carrie Bradshaw. I know from experience that it's not unusual for people to reconnect with exes. But boy do I hope this is a strictly friends situation, which of course they never were to begin with. She was just AWFUL to him, but in her minor defense perhaps because he was so WRONG for her.

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tmpr said...

Aidan no. Nothing against John Corbett, but the character was truly insufferable.