Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Meme Spirited


No comment on this one! As it would happen, my trip to Arizona for Thanksgiving gave me an opportunity to look through a cache of photos my mom recently received from her brother's widow. The photos had been given to my uncle after their mother died, so were primarily from my grandmother Annamarie's youth. These photos of her and then-boyfriend Tony -- later husband and father of my mother -- surprised me a bit. It's not that I didn't think people wore bathing suits in the late '30s -- I just didn't expect my grandparents to document it! 

Tony and Annamarie, circa 1939. Although he was from Shenandoah, Pa., and she from Omaha, Neb., they met after having both moved for work in Detroit, which is where these were likely taken. 


Jaradon said...

Your grandparents looked great

JackG said...

So, you “came across a cache of old photos.” Subtle Pet Shop Boys reference?