Monday, December 26, 2022

Song of the Day: '25th December' by Tracey Thorn

Fitting that I should discover these gems while lying in bed late on the 25th of December. That I, perhaps the biggest Everything but the Girl fan in the U.S., had never heard about the four bonus tracks that were added to Tracey Thorn's sublime holiday album, "Tinsel and Lights," for an iTunes re-release has me wondering how many other fans missed them too. Tracey's "cover" of "25 December," which Ben performed on "Amplified Heart," has been uploaded by a fan on YouTube. But how long it will stay there is anyone's guess -- so enjoy now and order the songs before the iTunes store gets closed down altogether.   

Listen to the acoustic "Joy" HERE.

P.S. How excited are we that Ben Watt and Tracey Thorn are reuniting for a new LP?

As they count down the days until its release, they've been posting a bunch of fun stuff over on the official EBTG Instagram account, including this background piece about today's SOTD.

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Unknown said...

Best Xmas news this year. Thank you Kenneth!!