Saturday, July 31, 2021

Saturday 'Stache


Two weeks ago I featured a mustachioed hunk who had been tortured and murdered along with his eight-months-pregnant wife -- so you can imagine my surprise when I was watching "Dateline NBC" the same weekend and stumbled upon this kid. More BELOW.

This strapping lad is Jackson Payne, son of Jason and Nichole Payne. 

Jackson's mother and his 16-year-old half-brother, Austin Wages, were found murdered in 2007. 

After a long and confusing investigation that initially had cops believing Austin had killed his mother before turning the gun on himself, it was finally determined that Dad had killed them both -- and tried to frame his stepson. 

Unlike so many of these cases where the survivors refuse to accept what the truth is, Jackson and his younger sister, Remington, totally got it. (Sadly, they are estranged from another brother who just can’t accept that their father is a monster.) The whole story is as disgusting as it is heartbreaking. But here's hoping they find peace knowing their dad is where he belongs. 


j said...

Real life is crazier than fiction- he is handsome young man reminds me of a 70s porn star

crimewatch said...

Couldn’t get over how hot he is.