Friday, May 28, 2021

Tweet Nothings

OMG! (sound on) 

And we thought the guy who released photographic proof of the first incident was the perv! 


That Keough boy was an early KIT212 obsession  


Read all about the "Martina Slam" HERE.


Myk said...

re: "That Keough boy:" I've heard of wearing a scapular, but a rosary? What's with that?

demc7 said...

'Culminating with the 1985 Australian'???? Martina won 6 in a row- the last 3 of 1983- Wimbledon, US and Australian (back when Aust played in December), and the first 3 in 1984- French, Wimbledon and US.... Her 4 in a row was from Wimbledon 83- French 84...her losses in French 83 to Horvath and 84 Australian t Sukova were and still considered flukes/major upsets.The 1985 Australian plays no part in this streak.... the streak ended in 84- she lost the French- Evert, and US- Mandlikova, titles in 85 before the 85 Aussie.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@demc7: Yeah, the tweet messed up. The best part is Martina didn't seem to notice!