Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Remains of the Day (10/28)

Miles Taylor, a former Homeland Security official, reveals he was ‘Anonymous’ 

For only a Democrat is a SEVEN point lead 'narrow'  ... others say it's eight

One day the full story of Justice Kennedy's involvement in this depravity will emerge 

Hundreds of Trump supporters stranded in freezing temperatures after Omaha rally due to poor planning; 7 taken to hospitals 

I hope Liz Warren becomes a huge player in the next Democratic administration -- she should have been our next president

Perls of wisdom  

RIP. Revisit when Daniel accidentally 'reviewed' my pals the Skivvies 

I want to believe people like this are dying off, but then I see the sad sacks at Donny's rallies and realize it's simply not true 

Because we all need a stress reliever these final few days 

Reminder: Just six more days. If you're like me and voting in person on Tuesday, here is a useful list from the ACLU. 


Myk said...

re: A role for Sen. Warren in the next administration: from your lips to Joe's ears. She was my primary choice and I hope she's a major player for the Biden/Harris administration.

joepelpro said...

After last time I just don't trust the polls

Bill Carter said...

"Seperate [sic] officer advising they have located an elderly party who is frozen cold unable to move with an altered mental status."

Couldn't they get that military officer from West Point to help him down the ramp again?