Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Song of the Day: 'Mr. Grey' by Martha Davis

A lot has happened since the last time I checked in with the Motels. In 2018, Martha Davis and the boys released "The Last Few Beautiful Days," an album that sadly was fueled by the opioid-related death of her daughter Maria. (The record's opener, "Punchline," addresses Davis's relationship with her younger daughter, Patricia, with whom she is no longer in contact. "I've basically lost both of my daughters," she says. "It breaks me.")

And no sooner did I fall in love with that LP comes news of a new solo record. Recorded over the past decade with longtime friend and off-again-on-again Motels sax player Marty Hourard, "I Have My Standards" is a concept album of jazz covers with a twist -- they're all originals written by Davis.

“I have been talking about releasing ‘I Have my Standards’ for years.” said Davis. “I debated on whether to release it during the Pandemic. But after long consideration of the impact and challenges Covid was having on the music industry, it was the best opportunity to stay in touch with my very patient fans.” Davis continued. “I wanted to find a way to offer a glimmer of hope and stay connected while we are all hanging out at home.”

From the 1970s through 2010, Martha has been writing the songs compiled on the new album, including today's song of the day, "Mr. Grey."

“The video was kind of shot, ‘Pandemic style’ earlier in May. No one together in a studio or room, shot with whatever equipment was on hand and beautifully created & executed by my amazing friends Teresa and Fred Dekker. Not to mention Billy Reed and his amazing skills creating the album cover. This video could not have been possible without so many, who supported my decision.”

The digital download and streaming music releases are available wherever you get your music. 

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