Monday, April 29, 2019

Song of the Day: 'Call Me' by Giorgio Moroder

I definitely had sexual feelings for boys (and then men) dating back to my earliest memories on the playground. But when the ad campaign for "American Gigolo" began airing at the beginning of 1980 -- when I was 12 -- things were taken to another level. Richard Gere's snazzy shirt-and-tie look set my imagination on fire -- undoubtedly why the garb is such a turn-on to me till this day. 

And when I was finally able to sneak and watch the movie late at night on cable a year or so later, the scene where Julian goes to the dark and steamy gay nightclub called Probe -- which I would later frequent myself -- was the one I always found the most titillating. Here's an instrumental version of "Call Me" featuring that and some of my other favorite scenes -- which I'm posting in celebration of the legendary Giorgio Moroder's 79th birthday, which was on Friday.


Randy Slovacek said...

I'm so with you on this one. I thought Gere was the sexiest man alive. And the movie was so freaking cool. The soundtrack is one of my favorites from the period.

sgollis said...

I remember those days at Probe. I still have my metal membership card. It was a fun place to be until the sun came up, then to Greg's Blue Dot for church. :-)

jaragon said...

Gere was sexy cool and Moroder's music is still hot