Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Remains of the Day (07/31)

Dlisted: Sad to read Alan Alda has Parkinson's disease (how I loved "The Four Seasons" as a child!)

NBC News: Longtime gay-rights opponent Tony Perkins named to so-called U.S. religious freedom panel

Instagram: Debbie Harry looked like a top-of-the-line can of VO5 at the 30th anniversary of "Hairspray" in Hollywood, alongside the cast and director John Waters

The Daily News: Now we're supposed to feel sorry for the cop who wrongly attacked and arrested James Blake?

AmericaBlog: Would America vote for a socialist?

Baseline: Three storylines to follow for the WTA summer swing

Towleroad: Matt Baume goes back in TV time to re-view a groundbreaking "Mary Tyler Moore" episode

Daily Intel: Everything you need to know about the Paul Manafort trial

Brooklyn Vegan: MoviePass raises prices and limits access to new films after service outages

Think Progress: In ruling against Planet Fitness, Michigan court concludes trans women aren’t women

Queerty: Grindr wants users to stop being so racist and start being "kindr" -- but is that even possible?

The Washington Post: Facebook uncovers disinformation operation ahead of midterm elections

Beantown Cuban: Johnny Diaz on the kindness of strangers

The Randy Report: Alaska Airlines responds to "seat-gate"

Capturing Rainbows: Mark Okun remembers his first trip to Fire Island back in 1980

HuffPost: The secret history of gay Hollywood finally gets its movie

Washington Blade: Harris, Carper introduce bill to include LGBT question on U.S. census

OMG Blog: 2018's best nude scenes so far

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Hot Cat of the Day: Cats aren't for everyone, just smart people.

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