Monday, February 26, 2018

Remains of the Day (02/26)

The Orange County Register: BlazeItForward: Friends, family celebrate the life of slain student Blaze Bernstein

Towleroad: "Call Me by Your Name" gets a happy ending in this reworked clip

AmericaBlog: The Democratic memo about the Russian investigation, explained

The New Yorker: The man who could lead an impeachment charge against Crazy Donald

The Hill: Supreme Court justices turn down Crazy Donald's appeal in "Dreamers" case

Matthew's Island of Misfit Toys: His English may not be so hot, but his body sure is

Greg in Hollywood: Kim Cattrall's on-screen love appears to siding with Sarah Jessica Parker in feud

OMG Blog: Welterweight champion fighter Tom "The Viking" Crosby shows off the family jewels

NewNowNext: The evolution of Johnny Weir's Olympic-worthy hair game

Charlotte Observer, Barbara Ann Alston of the Crystal dies at 74

Outsports: The 2020 Summer Olympics could have 100 out LGBTQ athletes

The Film Experience: Greta Gerwig on what kind of filmmaker she's going to be (BTW: finally saw "Lady Bird" and despite the hype setting me up to be disappointed, found it to be a charming take on a story we've seen many times before)

The Gay Almanac: On this day in 1978, "Deathtrap" opened on Broadway

Daily Intelligencer: Warren Buffett -- who thinks rich people should pay higher taxes than others -- got a $29 billion tax break for his company thanks to Crazy Donald and the GOP

McSweeney's: Samantha “Sam” Baker, the lead character in the John Hughes movie “Sixteen Candles,” recently turned 50

The New York Times: Angela Merkel starts grooming successors, and one stands out 

Boy Culture: You won't believe what Mary Ann from "Gilligan's Island" looks like at 79!

The Players' Tribune: Pip Kenworthy pens letter to her Olympian son, Gus

T Magazine: A brief history of gay theater, in three acts

NBC: Rippon, Kenworthy discuss experience as openly gay Olympians

Atlanta-Journal Constitution: In gunfights, trained officers have 18% hit rate, yet we want to arm teachers?

Times of India: Chris Evert predicts 2018 will be a banner year for women's tennis

CNN: Bill Cosby's spokesman says the comedian's 44-year-old daughter, Ensa Cosby, has died in Massachusetts

Chicago Tribune: GOP candidate refuses to leave race amid allegations he used N-word, asked attorney general candidate if she was a "lesbo"

Dlisted: Amanda Woodward did not have a good weekend

The WoW Report: The #MeToo movement just took another blow with a 1998 allegation against someone from "Melrose Place" no on remembers

The Village Voice: Who will protect the poor NRA from schoolkids?

Mother Jones: Federal appeals court finds anti-gay workplace discrimination is illegal

Tennis Life: The International Tennis Federation on Monday formalized the sweeping changes it has been seeking for the 118-year-old Davis Cup competition

The Randy Report: Crazy Donald tells yet another bald-faced lie

Hot Cat of the Day: Cats just want to have fun ...


Blobby said...

Oh, Smith Jerrod..........way to kiss up the SJP on the off chance they make a sequel. pssst.....there is no reason for you in that....ever.

jaragon said...

Cat and kid are adorable- I really can't wait for #metoo production number at the Oscars