Wednesday, February 28, 2018

New Project Imagines a World Without AIDS

Artist/filmmaker Leo Herrera's "Fathers" asks what life would be like if HIV hadn't claimed so many of our friends, family and queer heroes. Part sci-fi, part "faux" documentary, the episodic project honors the thousands of lives claimed by the AIDS epidemic in the '80s and '90s.

“'Fathers' came from our community's reaction to the release of PrEP," Herrera told Plus. "There was so much confusion and anger.” He says it made him think, "I really wish we had some older guides to get us through this. Then the sadness of how fatherless our community is hit me." “That missing generation is an immeasurable loss in every single field," Herrera explains. "Who knows what these men could have accomplished? That's why I'm reaching out to the community to find out and help write the world of 'Fathers.' Part of us think that AIDS gave us a galvanizing cause to learn to be loud and get our rights. Part of us think that AIDS gave us such a stigma after Gay Liberation that it really held us back politically. I do know one thing, with all these men still here, people would have dressed better in the 1980s.”

Watch the enchanting trailer that features chilling age-progression images of LGBTQ heroes like Robert Mapplethorpe, Keith Haring, Sylvester and others -- plus a Vito Russo for President campaign -- then allow yourself to ask: What if AIDS had never happened?

Leo tells me the first episode will be out this summer. In the meantime, I see that he says on Facebook that folks can support this project by visiting Donations are tax deductible and benefit the GLBT Historical Society.

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