Thursday, April 27, 2017

Caitlyn Jenner's on Sale

They're practically giving away tickets, but if I wanted to listen to a crazy old lady who thinks Obama was born in Kenya speak, I'd just go to my parents' retirement community in Arizona.


Anonymous said...

--I say she could not find a run in her stockings

Bob K

Cosmo Tupper said...

Need to stop paying (and giving attention to) this traitor of our LGBTQ community (apparently she feels she is worth less because she is not straight). I would be happy if she went back to being alienated from us because she is no ally because she is complicit in every anti-LGBTQ action trump and his administration has taken since January 21st. (cabinet appointments, executive orders, government acknowledgment of our existence, etc.)

Joe said...

Ya know, I'm tempted. It's a famous old movie palace, built as the United Artist by sweet lil' Mary Pickford, that's considered the most opulent space ever built along L.A.'s once magnetic Broadway. Yet Cait just makes me laugh. I honestly believe it was the hell years with Kris that shoved her into psychosis.

The Polar Beast said...

Cait, doubtless, is jubilant with the tax cuts proposed by Trump. I am sure she will profit handsomely. But is anything newsworthy really going to emanate from this person?