Friday, April 29, 2016

Christina Tosi's Milk Bar Coming to Chelsea

I'm not exactly sure what "cereal milk soft serve" or many of the other items on the menu are, but I know they sound like trouble. No matter -- as my brother put it, the new business is "slightly better than Chase Duane Reade Glamour Nail"! Read HERE

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DrGaellon said...

One of Tosi's more famous desserts at Momofuku is "cereal milk ice cream." She soaks various cereals in milk to flavor it, then uses that in an ice cream base. Clearly, she's adapted that to a soft-serve style. Compost cookies are chocolate cookies with whole bunches of mix-ins - chocolate chips, toffee chips, pretzel bits, crushed potato chips, other stuff I can't recall. They were one of the early drivers to the current craze with salty-and-sweet desserts. Crack pie is a vanilla custard pie in an oatmeal-cookie crust; it's supposed to be as addictive as crack.