Friday, February 26, 2016

On the Rag, Vol. 396

A weekly look at what's making news in the free gay mags:

Outlook (Ohio): Last year the rag featured bears in swimwear (Gallery from the first go-round HERE.)

Are you ready for more? / Online edition HERE

Next: With his debut EP, "Power," post-"Glee" Alex Newell forges his own identity / Read HERE.

Got milk? DJs Dan Slater and Phil Romano will spin Matinée's LaLeche party Saturday, June 25 ...

Read HERE.

Be a better top: Workout tips: Five ways to become a bottom’s dream lover / Read HERE.

Get Out!: Meet T-Boy HERE.

Guy has been bought by Next ... but the hot stories don't stop:

A workout recovery program HERE.

Where have all the bathhouses gone? Read HERE.

QX (London): Happy first birthday to the beefy boys over at Brut London! / Online edition HERE

Metro Weekly (D.C.): NPR's Bob Mondello talks about his life as a critic, the love of his life and the one thing he doesn't own -- and why / Read HERE.

Frontiers (LA.): Tom Hardy Wears a Loincloth in the Trailer for FX’s "Taboo" / See HERE.

Grab (Chicago):  Kim Chi, Naysha Lopez, Davis Mallory & Kyle Kash out front / Online edition HERE.

Lavender (Twin Cities): Ask the expert: Carter Averbeck / Read HERE.

Village Voice: Michael Musto returns to the rag that did him wrong to tell us about the sweet smell of scandal at this year's Oscars! / Read HERE.

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