Monday, August 31, 2015

Respecting Our Tennis Elders

As the U.S. Open gets under way, wanted to share two good articles about people who helped the game become what it is today.

Billie Jean King makes a great point about the so-called Original 9 HERE.
While I wish a fund had been created to take care of these players, that remains a pipe dream. But they are so deserving of recognition and support. While the window may have closed on financial support for these trailblazers, there are steps that can be taken to secure their legacy in the sport.

And Sally Jenkins pays tribute to Jimmy Evert HERE.
With him dies the original blueprint for how to create a healthy young champion, how to handle the tender bones and mind of a prodigy with restraint. He refused to pressure his daughter by ever putting her, or himself, up for sale.

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Anonymous said...

american masters premiers their profile of billie jean king nationally this month on pbs.