Friday, December 28, 2012

Nadal to Miss Aussie Open

Bummed to read that Rafael Nadal has pulled out of the Australian Open, citing a ... stomach virus? Despite my penchant for posting shirtless photos of Mr. Bad Knees, I'm anything but a fan of his. But the game is suffering horribly in his absence -- Andy Murray won a major! -- so I can't say I'm at all happy about this, even if it will likely help Federer and Djokovic add to their trophy case.

Nadal said in a statement:
"My knee is much better and the rehabilitation process has gone well as predicted by the doctors, but this virus didn't allow me to practice this past week, and therefore I am sorry to announce that I will not play in Doha and the Australian Open."


Donny said...

I bought the virus excuse when he pulled out of the Mubadala exhibition this week. I'm not so sure it's just a virus now that he's withdrawn from Australia. Perhaps the knee is not ready to compete, especially over five sets. This sucks!

Larry said...

I was really unhappy to hear this news. I agree, Kenneth, there's just not enough depth in the game without him. I love Novak and want to see him continue succeeding, but he tends to do better when he's pushed, and Murray doesn't challenge him like Rafa did. (Roger does sometimes, depending on how into the groove he is and how focused Novak is.)

Simon @ Stomach Flu said...

It became a bit annoying to listen these excuses from him. I really hoped he will appear on Next tournament, but now I am very disappointed! I was suffering from stomach flu several weeks ago, and I know proper treatment (which he must have) can get you better in a several days. I don't know what is happening with him!!!