Thursday, December 27, 2012

Love Match

  Inspired by my friend Matt's 100 Hottest TV Actors and 100 Hottest Film Actors lists, I am busy working on my 100 Hottest Tennis Players (hint: you're lookin' at one of them). To weigh in before it's Game, Set and Match, send me an e-mail HERE.


Donny said...

100? You're going to cover most of them, I'm sure. Other than Borg - Marat Safin, Richard Gasquet, Olivier Rochus & Rafael Nadal. There are more but those are my personal faves.

Larry said...

Can't wait for this list. I know you'll have all of my faves (especially Tommy Haas), but here's one: Joachim Johansson. He didn't have that long of a career (although he made the top 10), but he was always nice to look at on the court like so many of the Swedish players were.

Alan S. said...

One of the reasons I got hooked on your site is because of our shared admiration for Patrick Rafter. He is No. 1 on my all-time favorite player list and I know that he will be in your Top 3 on your compilation.

To mention a lesser known name that would fall somewhere in my Top 20 (on a hotness list, but not a skill list) I offer Marco Chiudinelli. He was nothing special to me a decade ago when he had long hair, but once he got a short cut, he became a whole different story.