Friday, December 28, 2012

Jean Harris, World's Cutest Killer, Is Dead at 89

 Very sad to hear about the passing of Jean Harris, my second-favorite murderer of all time. (Sorry, Jean: Betty Broderick's phone message for "the fuckhead and the cunt" stole my heart!) If you don't know about the "Scarsdale Diet doctor murder" -- in which the private-school headmistresses shot her cheating lover, Dr. Herman Tarnower, FOUR TIMES then claimed she was trying to commit suicide(!!!) -- then you missed a golden era in tabloid journalism. (When cops arrived at the scene she was pulling away in her car wearing a mink jacket, then explained she was "going to look for a pay phone" to call them!!!) Harris' second act was legendary -- she created a foundation that raised millions for scholarships for children of women in prison -- even if she probably only got the chance because of how witty and charming she was. (She was released after 12 years in prison after Governor Mario Cuomo granted her clemency.) Read her (rather wonderful) New York Times obituary HERE. There would be no "Snapped" without her.

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Yank said...

Hers was always a sad story, and the fact that there seemed to be more to it than anyone knew added to my interest. Liz Smith was apparently a life long supporter and friend.