Friday, September 28, 2012

Song of the Day: 'Total Eclipse' by Klaus Nomi

 Klaus Nomi's name came up during a panel discussion last Sunday with James Wolcott, Cynthia Carr and Nile Rodgers at the Brooklyn Book Festival (I still need to write that up!). I must admit, when I first saw "Urgh: A Music War" back in 1981, I was pretty terrified by everything except the Go-Go's and the Police. My brother and I were just discovering X at the time -- Exene's voice is an acquired taste! -- but Klaus Nomi's performance definitely left an impression on me. Still, it wouldn't be for another 10 years or so before I realized what a beloved artist he was and that he yet another talent from my era who had died of AIDS. This is "Total Eclipse" -- and the felt Klaus from HERE. (For those unfamiliar with the avant-garde legend, I strongly recommend "The Nomi Song," a documentary available on Netflix HERE.

(Just noticed all of the comments on this clip are about Lady Gaga and how she's no Klaus Nomi. Um, OK.)

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