Thursday, December 29, 2011

Krush Groove

Flattered to be included on World of Wonder's list of Internet Crushes of the Year! (Who says this old broad's lost it?!) See all the "boys" HERE.

UPDATE: Oh, and I'm a Holiday Men of Twitter man HERE!


Nicholas Ajax Stamos said...

Hey! Fame suits you!

Todd said...

I think it's worth mentioning that your new designation as an internet hottie has coincided with your revamped personal style (who's your new stylist by the way? kudos to him).

Oh, and the 'stache, of course!

Long overdue, KIT212... congrats.

BosGuy said...

Yes, you are Ken. I love reading your blog and really enjoy following you on Twitter.

Can hardly wait for the Australian Open to chat more about tennis.