Friday, September 30, 2011

The Perfect Score

Have you been following this big SAT scandal, where a bunch of kids were arrested for letting brainy dreamboat Sam Eshaghoff take the college-entrance exam for them? Eshaghoff, 19, a football star and honors student from Great Neck, N.Y., who is now a sophomore at Emory University, was also arrested, after scoring (out of a possible top score of 2400, for you ACT kids) eye-popping numbers of 2220, 2210, 2140, 2180, 2180 and 2170 for his clients. While I understand why the education system is up in arms, I personally think the whole thing is being blown out of proportion. What we should be talking about is who will play the bruting brainiac in the big-screen version. Jesse Eisenberg's a little long in the tooth -- and not quite hot enough -- but this is a star-making role if I ever saw one! More HERE.


dkm said...

"All of the students paid Eshaghoff his fee -- except for the girl, who did not make a cash payment. It was unclear if another form of compensation was involved in her case."

Wonder what a $1,500 blow job feels like!

Ken said...

Why the gratuitous dig at Jesse Eisenberg?