Thursday, October 28, 2010

'Celebrity' Detox


 I absolutely love this drunken tirade by the mother of former "Hills" cast member Audrina Patridge. It exemplifies how quickly fame (even of the reality-show variety) can twist one's perception of reality -- Mom clearly doesn't realize 99% of the world is saying, "Audrina who?" -- and kind of helps me better understand how a band like The Trammps can be on Where Are They Now? shows and reminisce about being "the biggest band in the world" back in the day (when in fact they had a couple of hits, but are considered by most to be a one-hit wonder) and imbeciles like Camille Grammer can say with a completely straight face that her (soon-to-be-former) husband, Kelsey Grammer, is one of the "greatest actors" of his generation. (He is???????) I really need to read Rosie O'Donnell's book about fame -- she's really on to something.

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Matthew said...

Nice connecting of all the dots.