Monday, August 30, 2010

Fishing for Compliments

I think it's hilarious that the New York tabloids are running competing stories about America's "greatest" hopes for a U.S. Open title this year: The Post thinks time is running out for "old man" Andy Roddick, who turned 28 today and won his only Grand Slam title back in 2003 in the Big Apple, while The Daily News is oohing and aahing about Mardy Fish -- this generation's Vitas Gerulaitis -- who has people going ga-ga over his new 30-pounds-lighter body, above. What The Daily News fails to mention is that Fish happens to be turning 29 later this year!


Anonymous said...

Was that 30 lbs in chest hair?

Jordan said...

I guess someone should point out that both of these pictures are of Andy Roddick.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

Jordan: Don't think so. They look similar, but Andy uses a b;ie Babolat racket.

Anonymous said...

I think thats why Connors took on helping Roddick out a couple of years ago. He got so frustrated at the lack of majors being won by American players.
But nothing really came of it. Yet I've always seen Roddick as being the wrong build for the game, being so big, heavy and clumsy. But worst of all is that awful double handed backhand, which he produces with a flick of the wrists.
But I wish him well in his last few years.
And to think that Connors was competing at Flushing Meadow at age 39. Phew! What a legend.

Dee. (The Beauty Hunter).

Jordan said...

Kenneth, you're right! My apologies. Mardy Fish is just unrecognizable to me now!