Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Desperate 'Housewives'

Blame it on the "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" syndrome -- the law of diminishing returns, when a network gives us too much of a "good" thing -- but I have not watched a single second of "The Real Housewives of DC" this summer, and I'm starting to think I never will. (My DVR has dutifully recorded all the episodes that have aired so far.) As regular readers know, I was a huge fan of the original Orange County incarnation, justifying my guilty pleasure on my having lived behind the Orange Curtain many years ago. Loving New York was a no-brainer but then I cooled on Atlanta, blaming it on my lack of interest in the city that is the ultimate costar. By the time New Jersey rolled around, I was game again -- when you live in New York you're certainly exposed to "Jersey culture" -- but found myself completely disinterested as this season rolled on. (I haven't watched part one of the reunion yet, but the previews seem to indicate that it's the stand-in for Teresa's table flip last year -- read: the ONLY "interesting" part about the whole sleep-inducing season.) Before it even ended Bravo was shoving "Bethenny Getting Married?" down our throats -- she wasn't that interesting when she was one of five, why would I want to watch an entire show about her? -- and at the same time it started the DC franchise. (Give me a chance to miss you, Bravo. You're like that desperate guy who keeps calling and ends up unwittingly convincing me that I don't like you after all.) In theory, the idea of a DC installation sounded right up my alley -- I lived and worked there for many years, and interned on the Hill as a college student. But everything about it looks repugnant, and with all of my friends who live there telling me it is truly unwatchable, it might take a case of the 48-hour flu to get me to sit through them all now. I've always wondered why more people don't publicly regret their participation on reality shows -- as White House photographer Charles Ommanney, soon-to-be ex-hubby of DC Housewive Cat Ommanney now admits he does. But given the caliber of the people who usually star on them -- think Jill Zarin -- I guess the question answers itself.

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Greg McElhatton said...

Well, as someone who lives in the DC area, it's not "unwatchable," not in a heartbeat. The Salahi lady is a blithering moron, and Cat (the woman whom the article was written about) is a big bitch -- but the other three housewives are remarkably normal and down to earth. I suspect that is why your friends are saying it's unwatchable--because there are too many normal people on it!