Thursday, October 29, 2009

Goldie Locks

Hard to believe that former tennis star Mark Philippoussis didn't find true love with his reality show, "Age of Love," that pitted "kittens" versus "cougars." But you need not worry about the Aussie hunk being as lonely as he is broke. It seems he's engaged again, this time to some actress named Jennifer Esposito, who is just (age-appropriate) right. (Did you know this one was married briefly to Bradley Cooper? Not bad..)


Frank Anthony Polito said...

What do you mean "some actress"?! Jennifer Esposito was the best thing about SPIN CITY, where I happened to work as an audience PA back in 1996-99. Of course she quit the show after Spike Lee told her it was time to leave (she was in his SUMMER OF SAM). Oh, wait! I forgot, she's on SAMANTHA WHO? which I don't watch (is it even still on the air?) What do I know?! I will say that she was extremely nice, and I missed having her around... Bradley Cooper? Go Jenn! Last I heard she was dating Cameron Mathis from ALL MY CHILDREN. Look like I'm not very current on my celebrity pairings.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Esposito is friggin HOT! Ok, I am gay, but I know a hot lady when I see one.

In addition to what that sexy Mr Polito said about her work, she was also memorable in "Rescue Me" on the FX network. Hot!

Don't make say hot again.