Wednesday, September 30, 2009

'Rain' on Their Parade

The buzz on "A Steady Rain," Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig's much-hyped Broadway play, doesn't sound too good. Sure, we'd all jump at the chance to see Wolverine and James Bond together on stage, but this bit from the Times review probably says it all:

John Crowley directs with restraint, elegance and limited imagination. Working with the accomplished team of Scott Pask (scenery and costumes), Hugh Vanstone (lighting) and Mark Bennett (music and sound), he occasionally has Joey and Denny’s memories assume three-dimensional form, with mean streets and forbidding woods materializing from the darkness behind them. He needn’t have bothered. Nobody goes to “A Steady Rain,” which ends its hot-ticket limited run on Dec. 6, to look at scenery. The woman with whom I saw the show made her priorities clear afterward, and they are doubtless shared by many. If only, she said, the play had been set in a police station locker room, where the characters might frequently change clothes. As it was, she was thankful for the small mercy that, toward the play’s end, Craig finally removed his suit jacket and rolled up his sleeves. (Via NYT)


Anonymous said...

As many of plays lovers I LOVE A Steady Rain ! It is my favourite ever...I've seen it in New York and next week I’m going to visit my sister and I just got some pretty good tickets via:
So I'll be analyzing as well as enjoying the show.

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