Monday, September 28, 2009

Morning Wood: Latin Lovers Edition

You may remember former model and current actor William Levy from his Morning Wood post over the summer (HERE) that included a risque see-through underwear shot (HERE). I generally don't repeat guys this soon, but when I passed the cover of People en Espanol and saw his dazzling smile (and everything else), I couldn't resist picking up a copy.

The inside is nearly as good, with some new and familiar faces to start you morning off right:

Eugenio Silller, 29, actor (Mexico); Fernando Colunga, 43, actor (Mexico)

Javier Bardem, 40, actor (Spain); Carlos Bocanegra, 30, soccer player (Mexican-American)

Pedro Moreno, 29, actor (Cuban); Aaron Diaz, 27, singer/actor (Mexico)

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You Oughtta Know said...

Am I the only one to notice that the majority of these guys look really white?