Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Move Over, Jordan Catalano

Tim Riggins may very well be the biggest high school TV dreamboat of all time. But why exactly do we love the "Friday Night Lights" (and "X-Men Origins: Wolverwine") hunk Taylor Kitsch so? Let us count the ways ...

“His lips are always so red,” said Lindsey Berns (rather dreamily), the director of college counseling at Brooklyn Friends. “And he gets that flush on his face ... he has really beautiful skin. And I’m a sucker for well-defined arms.”

“He has Brad Pitt–circa–Thelma and Louise–era lips,” agreed Margaret Brown, a television producer who owns a T-shirt for Riggins’ team, the Dillon Panthers. “His hair is always a little bit greasy -- but you know he smells like stale beer and sweat. Yum.”

“Riggins will treat you like shit and fuck your brains out,” as one Brooklynite said. And that's a good thing, OK?

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