Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sen. Moon Unit Zappa (D-N.Y.)

I was beginning to think I was the only one who noticed that Caroline Kennedy says "you know" before, during and after every one of her thoughts. Not so. The Daily News counted more than 200 of 'em during a 30-minute(!) interview with the paper over the weekend. I guess growing up in the spotlight doesn't ensure that one has the innate ability to be a polished "public" person, you know? I'm not sure if Caroline's speech problem is a deal-breaker or not. God knows George Bush doesn't have any sort of grasp on the English language and he's a two-term PRESIDENT. But I'd like to think the bar for our political representatives was a set little bit higher than that. When I used to bring up Bush's problems with communicating my mom used to say it didn't really bother her and point out that some people have great analytical minds but lack verbal skills. That may be true, but I'd argue that those people are better-suited in behind-the-scenes roles as advisers and planners because a HUGE part of being a president or senator IS the ability to verbalize your plans and objectives. (How I'd KILL for a president who could thoroughly explain the financial mess we're currently in. Sadly, not only do I feel Bush is unable to communicate it to me, I don't think he KNOWS, either.) After many years of Hillary Rodham Clinton as my senator my feelings are this: If Caroline can't coherently talk to the residents of New York without coming across as a Valley Girl, then perhaps it's best we not hear from her at all. Seriously, dude.

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Anonymous said...

I don't mind the dumb repetition of the phrase "you know." (Although I suspect she uses it to some extent as a way of patronizing people, getting "down on their level" and being "chatty," "informal," and creating a false sense of intimacy.) What I mind is how INCREDIBLY SNOTTY she was to interviewers when they very sensibly asked her how she first came to her decision to pursue a senate seat.