Thursday, July 31, 2008

Exhibit A

Torn on the Fourth of July

Remember when I blogged about my mom getting knocked down by a golf cart earlier this month -- at the hand foot of my 19-month-old niece, Ally? Well, as it happens it was in the midst of a photo op (can you tell that I'm related to these people -- it's always picture time!). And if you look very closely you'll see behind my nephew, AJ, his tiny little sister is the one pushing on the pedal, which in turn sent my mom -- clearly surprised by the cart's sudden movement -- to the pavement and later to the operating room for extensive surgery on her right wrist. As bad as I feel for my mom, I have to say this is going to make a great story one day for little Ally: "Remember the time you broke Grandma?" ...

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Steve said...

I think that deserves a little page in Ally's scrapbook. Nice little picture and description by uncle Ken. She'll wanna remember that when she's old enough to appreciate it. Too funny. :)