Monday, April 28, 2008

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  • Groom With a View: Why would gay men in their 20s be rushing to the altar? Beats me. Why would anyone? (TimesMagazine)

  • Long Hot Summer: Rafael Nadal still has Roger Federer's number on clay. So far. (AP)

  • Going Long: He just got picked second by the Rams in the NFL Draft Is Howie Long's son Chris nearly as cute as Dad? Lest you forget, I used to carry Howie's photo in my wallet. (USA Today)

  • Cute Alert: Ruth Pogson, 83, and Beth Aime, 79, have proved you are never to old to marry. They tied the know in a nursing home in British Columbia. Congrats, ladies! (365Gay)

  • Bad Move: A lot of people took my recent post about Tina Fey the wrong way. I do like her -- "Weekend Update" hasn't been the same without her -- I just think she's been prematurely anointed the next Queen of Comedy. (I'm still waiting to laugh once during an episode of "30 Rock." Once.) If anyone doubted that I was right about this, just check out her star turn in "Baby Mama." Why she would agree to star in a two-hour one-joke skit (it was bad enough that she wrote one-joke skits for "Saturday Night Live" all those years, those only lasted a few minutes) is beyond me. (And another epidural joke????) Leave it to Manohla Dargis to break down the problem, beautifully. (NYT)

  • Datebook: New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson (aka Judas), Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, Judy Shepard, Jim Hormel (the first out U.S. ambassador), and Joe Torsella (president and CEO of National Constitution Center) will attend the Equality Forum's International Equality Dinner on May 3 in Philadelphia. (Equality Forum)

  • Fashion Conspiracy: The 15-minute timer is running out fast for Barack Obama's Abercrombie boys. I'm ready for Hillary's Hollister dudes! (On Politics)

  • Happens Everyday: Nothing like the death of sibling to drive a married politician into a meth-fueled gay sex binge. (365Gay)

  • Wedding Vows: Till penis removal do us part -- or not. (NYT)

  • She's No June Cleaver: A British mother and daughter have been sentenced to five months in prison after being found guilty of harassing a gay couple in the town of Kingston, Kent County. (Advocate)

  • Daddy Dearest: If you thought Augusten Burroughs' mom was bad wait'll you read about his father. (NYT)


    Chad said...

    I know the NYT Magazine Cover boys! That's my friends Paul and Jason. I was so thrilled for their cover shot... :)

    Anonymous said...

    May I amend my earlier comment from a few days ago?

    If I ever get daddy issues, I think I'm seeking Howie Long out first, then Craig James.

    Danny in WeHo said...

    The only thing more embarassing than blaming your meth addiction on your brother's death is being the focus of an article with so many typos! Is there not an editor for on-line news sites?

    Anonymous said...

    Howie Long is still lookin' great, I think I'll take Daddy over son in this case.

    In other woofy football news, we got Colt Brennan here in DC!

    We also have dreamboat Sam Hollenbach, so the quarterback lineup for the Redskins is lookin' fine:

    It's enough to make a Packers fan switch teams. It's not hard, now that Favre has retired...'sob!'.

    Anonymous said...

    Kenneth, do you think you might find Tina Fey funnier if there were not so much hype? Also, is it just her or all of 30 Rock that you do not enjoy?

    How about The Office? I love 30 Rock, but can't sit for two minutes of The Office -- so I can relate to your Tina Fey issue when people rave about The Office. It actually makes me tense when it comes up.

    Bradmo said...

    I have not yet seen Baby Mama, but I plan to (and not just for my Sigourney Weaver fetish, which is another topic altogether), but I will continue to have to disagree with you on Tina. You obviously missed the 30 Rock episode with the classic line from Isabella Rosellini, "Dammit Jack, you know I love my Big Beef & Cheddar!!" or the first couple episodes where Rachel Dratch played a 'pussy wrangler' and talked to Tina about wrangling her pussy for her, or the Russian prostitute.

    Anonymous said...

    Kenneth, you seem to feel about 30 Rock, similar to what I felt about The Comeback. I really like Lisa Kudrow, put after 3 or so episodes of wanting to like it and not finding it remotely funny, I shrugged my shoulders and gave up.

    About 30 Rock, I admit it's wildly uneven, but I have found numerous episodes very funny.

    To each his own obviously. My theory is that TV shows like, Seinfeld or The Soprnanos or Lost--shows that get critical acclaim and are popular as well--have many aspects to them that can appeal to different people. I think shows like 30 Rock or the Comeback--or even, to an extent, Lost after season one--have a much narrower appeal. That doesn't make them better or worse...but it does make them less popular...and leaving a lot of people scratching their head about how anyone can watch them.

    Anonymous said...

    Re; Groom with a view... well, in Canada, we flock to the alter.. because we can!