Thursday, May 31, 2007

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  • Frosty Patron: A Wendy's manager was shot in the arm for refusing to give a customer 10 packets of hot sauce for his chili, claiming it violated the store's strictly enforced sauce policy. I had a similar incident with my Chicken McNuggets at the McDonald's on 50th and Broadway. If I'd only had a gun that sweet and sour would have been so much sweeter and sourer ... (NBC)

  • Lancelot: Wait. David Hyde Pierce was in the closet? (AE)

  • Hack Attack: A man with a form of tuberculosis so dangerous he is under the first U.S. government-ordered quarantine since 1963 had health officials around the world scrambling Wednesday to find passengers who sat near him on two trans-Atlantic flights. Is this why I can't stop coughing? (AP)

  • Hairy Situation: Debra Opri, the onetime lawyer for Anna Nicole Smith's baby-daddy, Larry Birkhead, is suing him claiming he didn't pay his legal bills during the paternity dispute involving the child. She also wants to be reimbursed for frosting his hair. (AP)

  • Faithless: Pop tart George Michael: Once a mess, always a mess? (AP)

  • St. Tropez Bound: Do you know where to draw the tan line? (NYT)

  • A Number of Years of Solititude: Nobel Prize-winning Colombian novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez returned Wednesday for the first time in a quarter century to his birthplace and inspiration for the fictional town Macondo, immortalized in his masterpiece "One Hundred Years of Solitude." (AP)

  • Daddy-O: Train wreck Lindsay Lohan's class-act dad says his famous daughter is addicted to OxyContin. Of course she is. (AP)

  • No Laughing Matter: The Laugh Factory has finally made an honest woman out of Jon Lovitz. (AP)

  • Infinite Wisdom? Do you think Steve Stanton -- soon to be Susan Ashley Stanton -- didn't get the job as city manager of Tampa because she told her prospective employers during the interview that having a transsexual city manager would not be problematic or disruptive for the staff. How does she know? (Source)
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