Friday, April 27, 2007

Page 1 Consider (04/27)

  • Fishy Spice: Wait. Scary Spice is a lesbian? But I thought Eddie Murphy only had sex with tranny hookers. (Source)

  • Old Mike, New Christine: It's not every day that you read a column in the sports section and the guy who's been writing it for 20some years announces he's undergoing a sex change. But that's just what Mike Penner did this week. Unlike Steve Stanton, the former city manager in Largo, Florida, though, Mike's alter ego, Christine Daniels, is still gainfully employed. (LAT)

  • Actor Is Toast: I wonder if baked beans were involved when Hugh Grant was arrested with hooker Divine Brown, too. (AP)

  • Little by Little: New Hampshire lawmakers voted Thursday to authorize civil unions and sent the measure to Gov. John Lynch, who announced last week that he would sign it. It's a nice step in the right direction, although I was recently reading about the (was it) 1,000 things that marriage entitles you to that civil unions do not. Still separate. Still unequal, folks. (AP)

  • Students' Privacy: Kudos to the federal judge who on Thursday issued an order to lawyers battling to prevent a Gay-Straight Organization from forming at an Okeechobee, Florida, from questioning student witnesses about their sexuality. (Source)

  • Shifting Geres: I don't know if Richard Gere should be arrested for his public display of affection with Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty -- a major no-no in India. But based on the footage I've seen, Shetty might want to consider sexual assault charges against this maniac. (AP)

  • Mask: If Laura Dern wants to believe the reason she couldn't get a job for a year after after appearing on "Ellen" was because she played a lesbian then let her think that. I'm sure that's why Billy Bob Thornton ran off with Angelina Jolie without even notifying her too. (Source)
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