Friday, July 28, 2006

Sporting Wood: Robby Ginepri

Just because I post action photos of tennis hottie Robby Ginepri every other day doesn't mean I can't make him today's Sporting Wood, especially when I get sexy photos like these sent to me from a sweet reader who calls herself Boca Babe. Woof!
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    jeremy said...

    Damn he's hot.

    Anonymous said...

    Thank god he hasn't been taken over by some major queen of a stylist and made to shave off his hair.

    Anonymous said...

    He's really hot, especially in the second photo.

    Anonymous said...

    the zero i.q. gaping slack jaw look is esp. dreamy. what next? stallone?

    Anonymous said...

    Agree with sftom... It's his hairiness that makes him. Message to Robby... the more hair you sport the better you look. best pics are with goatee/burns and shirtless!