Thursday, March 30, 2006

Stalking Stifler

On our way to dinner last night, my Michael Bernard stopped dead in his tracks in front of the Heart of Chelsea Animal Hospital on my block. "Turn around," he said, with a huge smile. There he was -- larger than life: dreamboat actor Seann William Scott.

Stifler appeared to be picking up a very tiny pooch with his ridiculously attractive, extremely leggy galpal. He was all smiles as everyone seemed to be recognizing him in the vet's office. Naturally, we lurked outside waiting to see which way they were heading and immediately -- and oh so discreetly -- followed them east on 18th Street (OK, back toward my house where we'd just come from).

We walked right behind them -- Stifler is 5'11", so this chick must be like 6'11" and 5 of those feet are legs -- until they got a cab at the corner of 7th and 18th. Seann, ever the gentleman, carried the dog in its carrier so his lady friend could smoke (yuck).

This probably wouldn't have been such a fun quasi-stalking moment if not for the fact that Seann William Scott is one of the few men that my bf and I agree is too hot for words -- and even hotter up close and personal.

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    (UPDATE: Here is a recent photo of Seann and said gal-pal at a New York Rangers game.)

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