Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Page 1 Consider (03/29)

  • Closet Case: Remember when the evil president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, celebrated his birthday by comparing homosexuals to "dogs and pigs"? Protesters are returning the favor, condemning Mugabe as the "Queen of Tyranny" and a likely closeted homosexual. (PinkNews)

  • Basic Nutjob: 'Basic Instinct 2' Serves Up More Scary Sex / With Sharon Stone in it, could it be any other kind? (NYP)

  • Sex Ed: Study Says Male Escorts Help Educate Clients / Great. So what does this mean for No Child Left Behind? (GayWired)

  • Move Over: Former Defense Secretary Weinberger dies / Someone had better notify God that Caspar's in charge now. (AP)

  • Oceans Away: This is just what the world doesn't need. (BBC)

  • Mr. Mojo Rising: It wasn't pretty, but Andy Roddick won his 4th round match against a qualifier in Miami to move into the quarterfinals. (MH)

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