Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Big Unit Backfires

Redneck Yankees pitcher Randy Johnson has a secret out-of-wedlock love child and is trying to force the girl's mother to return $100,000 in child support because he doesn't have "proof" of how the money is being spent. (There went your secret!)

A) Who would have sex with this disgusting freak?
B) He makes $16 million a year and he's pulling this?
C) The reason he fought back is because he got angry when the mother also asked him to buy "a truck and computer" for the now-16-year-old girl, as well as "cover community college expenses."

Must people always have to live up to stereotypes?


Anonymous said...

You answered your own question with B) - he brings home $16 Million a year. Who wouldn't have sex with the freak? Well, me but that's because he's ugly.

Anonymous said...

Now quit. I'm a southern rednek kween and I think he's hot. SERIOUSLY. And look at him ... he NEEDS some lovin. Then again I grew up trolling rest areas on I-95.