Saturday, January 28, 2006

Mauresmo Valtrexes Henin-Hardenne

Last night my gut reaction to the women's Australian Open final was "good for Amelie Mauresmo for finally winning a big one, but I'll bet if she'd been given half a chance she would have choked it all away." But then I thought about it some more and read what others in the tennis world were saying, and then I realized that I had completely missed what was really going on. Patrick McEnroe had Justine figured out precisely: “She just pulled a Roberto Duran. She got sick of getting her butt kicked and said, ‘No mas.'”

So I stand corrected. Mauresmo kept it all together and was completely blowing the "demented dwarf" off the court -- and Justine just wasn't going to allow Amelie the satisfaction of her big Grand Slam moment.

As Peter Bodo pointed out, "it's all about Justine" (and to think that I was trying to pinpoint why I hated her so much just a few days ago). Shame on you Justine. She's managed to hit an all-time low by walking off the court without finishing the match. Her "I've never been healthier in two years/my tummy hurts/I mean, my shoulder hurts" routine was the final nail in her herpes-infected coffin. She gives controversy a bad name.

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    Anonymous said...

    " the final nail in her herpes-infected coffin."

    Anonymous said...

    Woohoo! I knew that people outside of Australia watched the Australian Open! (californian friends told me otherwise.)

    I watched the Henin-Mauresmo game from the screen outside the arena. So glad I didnt pay for a ticket! Badly done Justin Henin-Hardeine!...nice comment about the coffin by the way