Thursday, December 29, 2005

Page 1 Consider (12/29)

  • R.I.F.: Bush reading reveals history fan: "George W. Bush is a history buff," a White House spokesman revealed as he disclosed the president's holiday reading list. / Wait a minute. President Bush knows how to read? (BBC News)

  • Returned to 'Hevin': Aunt, boyfriend held for autistic toddler's murder / Homicide charges have been filed against a woman who claimed her car was stolen with her 2-year-old nephew Hevin Dakota Jenkins inside. Shouldn't the mother be charged too for naming the boy Hevin Dakota? (EarthTimes)
  • Must-See Train Wreck: Ex-'Top Model' Judge Janice Dickinson Gets Series / This chick makes Brett Butler look stable and easy to work with. Can't wait. (AP)

  • The Quiet Men: 'Brokeback' a Quiet Box Office Boon / Who's afraid of a couple of gay cowboys? Not moviegoers, who helped "Brokeback Mountain" post the highest per-screen average over the film-flush holiday weekend. (AP)

  • Baby Bottle: 2-year-old gets drunk; babysitter charged /Infant had bloodshot eyes, blood-alcohol level of 0.094 / So it's the babysitter's fault that the kid can't hold his liquor? (AP)
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