Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Page 1 Consider (12/28)

  • Baseball Diamonds: Former Yankees Pitcher Jeff Reardon Robs Jewelry Store / First he stole all of those bases and now this ... (Newsday)

  • Mother May I Flirt With Polygamy?: Tori Spelling Is Engaged Again / I'm sure her husband has watched "Dynasty" and must have seen this one was coming. (Reuters)

  • Glitter-free: No child-rape charge against U.K.'s Gary Glitter / Apparently it's not rape in Vietnam if the child is paid enough for her dad to eat. (TimesOnline)

  • Mother's Intuition: Before Virginia Rampage, Mother Feared Son Would Kill Self / Well, she was right about that part. (Washington Post)

  • Insight-Full: In a Shootout, Arizona State Outguns Rutgers / FU, Tony Soprano! (NY Times)

  • Trimming the Fat: Company offers free vacations for lost pounds / I never thought I'd miss management until I saw this. Oh, who am I kidding? Like weight wasn't judged on the performance appraisals I used to do. (AP)

  • No Shit University: Alcohol can damage bones, new study shows / Yeah, like when you get hammered and fall down a flight of stairs. (Reuters)

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