Thursday, December 22, 2005

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  • Re-gifting 101: Don’t worry, it’s okay to regift / I love when the media "catches on" to a story that's 10 years old and acts like they thought of it. You definitely want to read this one, though. Tip 2: Don’t leave any signs of the original gift is something I always forget. I'm still trying to explain to my mom why her Christmas gift in 1993 was addressed To: The Office Gossip Queen, From: Your Secret Santa. (AP)
  • Shameless: First this gold-digging starstruck pig Debbie Rowe has two kids for Michael Jackson with a sperm donor. Then she signs away all rights to them in order to collect a million bucks a year as payment. Now that she's figured out that Michael won't have anything to do with her so she's suddenly causing trouble. He's cut off her "alimony" (read: payment for being a baby factory) when she broke their confidentiality agreement, so now she pretends to care about the children. Whatever Michael Jackson has done in his life, this woman is truly 10 times worse. (PageSix)

  • Stripper Slay: As predicted, secret stripper Catherine Woods' on-again, off-again lover, fitness instructor Paul Cortez, is set to be charged with murder. Apparently the transit strike in NYC prevented the grand jury from convening on Wednesday, but the DA was able to charge him for a separate sexual assault of another woman from earlier in 2005, who just came forward after he was implicated in the Woods case. (NY Post)

  • Bunch of Wusses: Senate votes to extend Patriot Act (AP)
  • Stuck in Transit: New York grinds to a halt over $20 million dispute /The demand that new transit workers contribute 6 percent of their wages toward their pension, rather than the current 2 percent, would save the MTA just $20 million over the next three years -- less than what the police department will spend on overtime in the first 48 hours of the strike. (TimesOnline)

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